Courtiers tried to force a comparison between Meghan Markle & Wallis Simpson

The week before Prince Harry and then-Meghan Markle’s 2018 wedding was especially chaotic, mostly because of Thomas Markle and the British media. Thomas Markle faked a heart attack, threw a massive tantrum, lied to his daughter and son-in-law and was clearly working with the media to try to get the wedding called off. As we know now, it was also during this week that Kate tried to pick a fight with Meghan and Kate left Meghan in tears (which Kate then reversed and told everyone that Meghan made her cry). We also know that Kensington Palace staffers could not handle the fact that Meghan asked them to do their jobs, and the staffers had already begun revolting against being given tasks by a Black woman. Well, is it a surprise to think that these unhinged jackasses were also being petty about a Rolls Royce?

Millions of royal fans watched as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said ‘I do’ during their fairytale wedding at St George’s Chapel in 2018. There was much to catch the eye, including the Duchess of Sussex’s minimalist silk Givenchy wedding gown. But there was something else, too, that was worthy of attention: the Rolls-Royce chosen to take the bride to the ceremony.

Magnificent in its own right, the maroon-coloured Phantom IV transporting Meghan and her mother Doria Ragland from the Cliveden House Hotel to St George’s Chapel had a rather unique history. As 46 years earlier, it had been used to convey another American divorcee, the Duchess of Windsor, to the funeral of her husband, the Duke, in 1972. Was there anything significant in the choice? The Duchess of Windsor, a figure at the very heart of the abdication crisis, can hardly have been a welcome comparison.

The Daily Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare asked if it might be a joke in regrettably bad taste. And why might courtiers or aides have wished to play such a ‘joke’? The answer might lie in the widely reported tensions before the wedding itself with Harry and Meghan described as ‘behaving like teenagers’ in Valentine Low’s book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind The Throne.

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It’s really ghoulish to create the imagery-comparison of one American woman burying her husband and one American woman going to her wedding. In the Windsors’ desperate attempts to get Harry and Meghan’s attention, they’re going to end up confessing every single sh-tty thing they did to H&M, right? I always think that whenever these kinds of stories come out: the snubs are meant for an audience of two (Harry and Meghan) but by gloating about the snub, the palace has no idea how f–king unhinged they look to everyone else. This was just petty for petty’s sake, a baroque “punishment” designed by out-of-touch courtiers who thought they were being so clever. “What if we make Meghan ride in a car once used by the Duchess of Windsor, ha, that will be such an amazing signal to send!” They were seriously so mad that they did everything they could to ruin or stop the wedding and it didn’t work. That alone speaks volumes about the lack of “support” Harry and Meghan had from Day 1.

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