Did Dove Cameron Have a Dance Double In First ‘Descendants’ Movie? TikToker Thinks So!

There’s a TikTok video from earlier this year suggesting that maybe Dove Cameron had a dance double in the first Descendants movie.

The video points out a few instances in the musical’s opening number “Rotten to the Core” where her character Mal is dancing, but it doesn’t look like Dove is the one doing the dance under the purple wig.

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“Okay, you know how Zac Efron doesn’t sing in the first High School Musical? I think I just discovered that Dove Cameron doesn’t dance in the first Descendants. Like, she has a dance double,” TikToker Sydney Jo shares, before going into showing a few clips from the musical number.

“This actually makes sense because I continued watching the movie and I saw this… I think the very tight jazz square really says it all,” she adds. “I want to be clear, I’m not making fun of Dove Cameron. These dances are really hard and I think it’s messed up that Disney does this to kids, and hires other people to fill the talents that they can’t because it probably makes them feel really bad. No hate on Dove, I think she’s beautiful and talented and gorgeous, but this is crazy that I never noticed this.”

Sydney also pointed out that Dove‘s character seems to not be around during all of the franchise’s big dance numbers, like “Chillin’ Like a Villain,” and she did say that in the opening number for Descendants 2, “Ways to Be Wicked,” it appears Dove is doing all of her own dancing.

“Maybe she worked at it. Maybe she took classes and got better for the second movie, which, snaps to you Dove, great job!”

Now, this may not come as a surprise to many hardcore Dove or Descendants fans, as she herself has admitted that she was not a good dancer and was actually afraid of getting fired from the movie because of it!

“I never thought I’d get to work with someone like Kenny Ortega. He is responsible for the High School Musical movies and he’s also the director of Descendants – but I’m not a dancer at all. When I heard that he was attached to this movie, I said, ‘Wait, what? Kenny Ortega is attached to Descendants? You guys know I can’t dance, right?,’” she said, via J-14. “I was really scared because I thought he was going to say, ‘Send Dove home. She cannot dance. She cannot be my lead.’ But he was absolutely wonderful. One of Kenny’s favorite things to do is turn someone who’s not a dancer into a dancer. I worked with him intensively to make sure that I was up to par with the rest of the cast. It was a really big education for me, but I loved every minute of it.”

At one point, it was revealed that choreographer and director Kenny Ortega changed the choreography for the song multiple times, so perhaps it was easier for another dancer to double for some of Dove‘s parts.

Previously, the late Cameron Boyce admitted that he actually had multiple doubles for the film as he was a minor when they filmed and was only allowed to be working on set for so long.

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