Nicki Minaj Swatting Suspect Has Warrant Out for Arrest

nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj is declaring victory after falling victim to a swatting prank … cops have an arrest warrant out for the suspect allegedly behind the calls

The rapper went on social media Wednesday and called out a woman named Stephanie Bell, who Nicki is accusing of making swatting calls to her San Fernando Valley home.

Nicki says … “Stephanie Bell. A warrant is in the system. Great detective work. So grateful. The DA filed one count for the swatting call and one for the false report to DCFS. To God be the glory.”

Law enforcement sources confirm to us Bell’s facing two charges of deliberately reporting a false emergency … and there’s a warrant out for her arrest.


TMZ broke the story … cops say Nicki was the victim of a swatting prank back in June when a caller falsely claimed Nicki’s child was being abused and her house was up in flames, resulting in a police response.

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In another post, Nicki says … “To the woman who made those swatting calls to my home… #WasItWorthItDumbo ?”

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