Prince Harry told Invictus veterans: ‘You don’t need to rely on a uniform’

I mentioned this in a post on Sunday, but it’s a real headline and a stand-alone story. Remember when Prince Philip passed away and there was a lot of bullsh-t about how Prince Harry was “banned” from wearing a uniform, only it looked awful so QEII just banned everyone from wearing uniforms? Good times. Then QEII passed away, and once again, a veteran of a foreign war was banned from wearing his uniform to almost all of the funeral events during that week, all while Harry’s relatives wore all of their fancy, unearned uniforms and medals. King Charles thought it was a good look, when really, Harry was the one who looked like a king. Well, in his Closing Ceremony speech, Harry spoke to the veterans who were now wearing their Invictus team uniforms and not their military uniforms:

Prince Harry has closed the Dusseldorf Invictus Games with a speech that some have interpreted as a veiled dig at the British royal family. Harry told the audience of competitors – comprising injuries military personnel:

“A week ago I stood here and told you about the significance of being able to wear your nations flag again. So many of you have told me that hit you right here. For many of you the uniform you’ve been wearing this past week will give you a new story to tell. And for others it may give your old uniform new meaning. But I’m here to remind you that after all of this, you don’t need to rely on a uniform, nor should you feel lost without one. Because everything you need is already within you.”

Keen-eyed observers in the UK media have interpreted his words as a subtle dig at the Royal Family’s decision to not allow Harry to wear his military uniform at either his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in September 2022, or at his father King Charles Coronation in May this year. A veteran of two tours of Afghanistan during his decade in the British Army, Harry was reported to be distressed by the decision to ban him from wearing his ceremonial military uniform because he is no longer a working royal.

[From Deadline]

It wasn’t a “veiled dig,” it was an open criticism of his trash family. Besides that, it was also a profound message to every single Invictus competitor – Harry loved serving in the armed forces, as did every Invictus competitor. All of those veterans went through an identity crisis when they tried to phase back into civilian life. Harry was saying: it’s not the uniform, it’s what is already inside you, it’s your service, it’s who you are.

Listen to The Duke of Sussex's full speech from the Closing Ceremony of the #InvictusGames Düsseldorf 2023. #WeAreInvictus 💛🖤

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