The Real Reason Kacey Musgraves Broke Up With Cole Schafer – 'Her Ambitions'??

Finally more details are being spilled about what happened between Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer.

ICYMI, late last month PageSix reported the pair had been broken up since Halloween, if not before! The quiet split for the couple of two years left fans scratching their heads, wondering what happened. It seemed… if not amicable at least peaceful, with the country singer and the poet unfollowing each other on Instagram without a word. But now sources are finally coming forward to comment on any suspicions.

On Thursday, an insider for US Weekly revealed the breakup wasn’t just over “one thing” — it had been brewing for a while. Apparently the 29-year-old poet just didn’t do well with the “glitz and glamor” that came with Kacey’s country music superstardom, and their “personalities didn’t exactly gel” well together:

“ attending all these events as Kacey’s plus-one. an extremely sensitive, soulful guy who doesn’t share her ambitions.”

Darn! Sometimes that’s just the way it is, unfortunately.

A second source hinted at bigger problems within the relationship that caused the split — suggesting one of them wanted to get married and the other didn’t:

“Kacey and Cole weren’t seeing eye to eye in terms of where they are in life right now, they decided to end things.”

Oof. Kacey did jump into her relationship with Cole pretty fast after her divorce from singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly, but it had been a long time since their heartbreaking split. Maybe she was ready to move on with Cole and he wasn’t sure about marrying into her glamorous lifestyle? Or perhaps Kacey wasn’t ready to settle down with his more low-key way of life?

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