What Your Teachers Always Tell You

Their one-liners are pithy, sharp and can never be forgotten.
Happy Teacher’s Day, Dear Teacher.

Teachers can be Good. Bad. Great. Annoying. Funny. Loving.

But what they always are is Unforgettable.

Especially when it comes to their one-liners.

You are at the receiving end when you are in school/college and can’t help but remember them with great nostalgia later on life.

Here are some lines you’ll all find familiar:

‘Silence! Finger on your lips.’

‘Write 100 times, I will not talk in class.’

‘What’s the joke? Share it with the class!’

‘In all my years as a teacher, this is the worst batch I’ve taught.’

And, before you stop smiling, here are some more, illustrated by Uttam Ghosh.

We always think we are smarter than our teacher.

That no one has thought of the pranks we have.

What we forget is that our teachers have taught batches and batches of students. They have a PhD in student masti. In fact, they can spot a thought even before they fully form in our heads.

‘And where we don’t have eyes, we have CCTV cameras.’

Yet, despite that grim warning, we’d still get up to mischief, wouldn’t we?

Ever zoned out or dozed off in class?

And been woken up/brought back to attention by an irate teacher wielding a sarcastic tongue?

School/College is not really your jam; you’re more interested in having fun.

But your teachers know that’s not great for your future and always have the ‘R’ word ready.

Time to be RESPONSIBLE!, kids.

So, you’re the smarty-pants.

Too busy to listen to the teacher because you’re whispering in your friend’s ear or passing funny chits around.

Woe betide, if you get caught.

Sometimes, you genuinely in the mood to be stupid.

Or you haven’t done your studies.

Or you’ve forgotten your homework.

There comes this zinger.

Tum log zarur naak kataoge mera. Naak katana samajhte ho?

Dear Teachers, we may have been a pain, but you’ve truly been a boon to us.

Happy Teacher’s Day.

We Love You.

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