Mumbai Indians Declare ‘All Is Well’

‘This decision is made by us to embrace a transition phase with the new captain.’
‘Let’s set aside emotions.’

In the lead-up to the IPL 2024 auction, Mumbai Indians witnessed a major leadership shift as Hardik Pandya took over the captaincy from Rohit Sharma.

Social media hinted at unrest within Mumbai Indians, fuelled by cryptic posts from Jasprit Bumrah and Suryakumar Yadav.

Speculation grew with Pandya’s captaincy and trade from the Gujarat Titans, suggesting potential discontent among players like Rohit, Bumrah, and SKY.

Reports even suggested possible trades, which Mumbai Indians swiftly denied, dismissing any internal discord.

During the auction, concerns about Rohit Sharma’s role emerged, prompting MI Owner Akash Ambani to reassure fans in a video on social media, stating, ‘Do not worry, he will bat.’

Mumbai Indians Head Coach Mark Boucher, dismissed rumours of any dissent. The former South African international acknowledged the emotional aspect of the decision, but emphasised that it was simply a ‘transitional phase’.

‘We’ve had discussions with certain team members and the leadership within the group. It’s purely a transition phase in the game of cricket,’ Boucher explained.

‘Mumbai Indians are moving forward. Rohit has been fantastic for us, a stalwart for Mumbai Indians, and has performed exceptionally well. This decision is made by us to embrace a transition phase with the new captain. Let’s set aside emotions; that’s essentially what it comes down to.’

Addressing social media rumours, Boucher stated, ‘From our perspective, we handled it in the best way possible. We understand the emotions involved, but this is purely a transitional phase for Mumbai Indians.’

‘Decisions were made by us to move forward, and that’s where we stand at the moment.’

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