Dress Up Like Bollywood This Christmas

Deck the halls in boughs and holly! ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

Fashionistas, take cue.

Christmas is here, it’s time to channel in some of its magic in the brightest shades of festive fervour.

And in the spirit of the season, Sukanya Verma has curated a list of holiday fashion essentials just for you.


Green eyes

Green eyeliner, eye shadow or nails, take your pick.


PJ nights!

Is it even Christmas if one doesn’t pose against the tree in a cosy pair of plaid print pyjamas, sipping hot cocoa?

Beta sweater pehno!

Doesn’t matter if you’re in Mumbai or Manali, December has the perfect weather to slip into cute sweaters.


Need for Tweed!

And classic, chic tweed coats if you plan on holidaying in snow-clad landscapes of Gulmarg or Gstaad.


Team Pom Pom forever!

Cute and cosy are the keywords of bundle-up wardrobe and adorably knitted pompom hats are just the kind of accessory to beat the chills.


Tis the season of plaid!

Plaids are to Christmas what floral mean to summer — shirts, skirts, bring them on.


Light as leather

Rock those stylish leather pants against snow filled scenery, functionality and fashion were never more thick.


Day of the Jacket

Funky graffiti print bomber jackets? Absolutely. Trekking and trendy go hand in hand.


Princess in Boots

A girl can never go wrong in boots. Or have enough pairs in her winter wardrobe.


Pout me some red

Tradition demands that you glam it up with ruby red lips.


Sequin not sorry

It’s time to unleash your inner Miss Chamko in the season of more is merry!


Bling it on!

Let all those shiny ornaments on the Christmas tree inspire you to don on some diamonds and dazzle.


The Colours Trilogy: Red

Show some love for the season’s beloved colours. Red is rockstar. Red is LOVE.



Go green or go home.


And White

Be your own snow. Or Snow White.


Black is Gold

Think Christmas, think colours but black is forever. Black is gold.

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