Olivia Attwood reveals she’s at odds with husband Bradley Dack over becoming parents

Olivia Attwood has revealed she and her husband Bradley Dack have different views on starting a family.

The former Love Island star, who married the footballer earlier this year, shared that while Bradley is keen to become a dad, she's currently more focused on her career.

Opening up about the topic of kids on Thursday's Loose Women, Olivia said: "I'm sitting here listening to you girls talking and I'm thinking I'm going to be a geriatric mother, as they call it."

She then explained how she's not planning on having kids right now, saying: "No. I mean, never say never, you know, and all that stuff."

She added that her husband Brad would love to have a child soon, but she's excited by other things at the moment: "I'm obviously married and very happy and Brad would love to have one, you know, tomorrow.

"But I'm, right now, other things excite me. I don't have that maternal instinct yet. The way it is going, I probably will be around that 35 age. Which is mad to hear that's when they call if geriatric!"

After being asked if she saw a future for herself with no kids, Olivia answered: "I don't see that being the case but I also wouldn't say that's never going to happen. I'm very open to which ever way it goes."

She then explained that she'd rather focus on her dogs right now, rather than having a baby, before going on to discuss how dogs are often abandoned once the Christmas period is over.

Discussing this, Olivia highlighted the responsibility and cost involved in owning a dog: "I've got two dogs myself… I've worked with charities… More dogs are being abandoned than ever."

She stressed the importance of considering the commitment before getting a dog: "The RSPCA are facing a three year high on abandonment calls.

"A dog is not just a gift… I don't think they should be gifted even if there is a conversation. It is a living creature and if you've had one you know the responsibility and the cost."

She also said: "I won't compare them to children, but there is that responsibility and if they get ill it can be expensive. Investigate adoption over shopping, always."

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